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University of Kibungo (UNIK) is a Private University which has its Headquarters in Ngoma District, in the Eastern Province of Rwanda. Ngoma District is situated in about 96.2 kilometers from the capital city Kigali and 60 kilometers from Rusumo border (Tanzania). UNIK has extended its activities to another campus. This campus is located in Rulindo District, in the Northern Province of Rwanda. UNIK is devoted to being a world-class university that addresses ever-changing stakeholders' needs. Currently UNIK has an enrollment of more than 2000 Undergraduate students and over 8000 alumni around the world.

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UNIK was accredited by the Ministerial Order Nº 004/2010/Mineduc of June 16th, 2010 to offer undergraduate degree programs. These programs are offered in three Faculties: Faculty of Education, Faculty of Agriculture and Rural Development and Faculty of Economics and Business Studies.


UNIK was established in 2003 by local community representatives grouped into an Association for the Promotion of Higher Education in former Kibungo Prefecture (APESK). In the origins, the University of Kibungo (UNIK) was named Université d'Agriculture, de Technology and d’Education de Kibungo (UNATEK)” which later changed into “Institute of Agriculture, Technology and Education of Kibungo (INATEK)” with a student population of 312 and has now has graduated more than 8000.

UNIK started with two faculties; the Faculty of Education with four departments (Arts&Humanities, Economics&Management, Psychopedagogy and Clinical Psychology); the Faculty of Agriculture and Rural Development with two departments (Agriculture Engineering and Agri-Business). Together with these programs, two centers were accredited: the Center for Languages(CAL) and the Center for development-oriented research (CERID).

In 2013, UNIK was authorized to start a new department- department of Science in the Faculty of Education. In the same year, UNIK extended its academic activities to the Northern Province of Rwanda, in Rulindo District.

In 2014, a new Faculty-the Faculty of Economics and Business Studies was created with two departments: department of Economics (with Development Economics and Money&Banking as options) and Business Studies (with Accounting and Microfinance as options).

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