The Academic Senate

The senate shall be the supreme organ responsible for academic affairs, research and education within the Institute of Higher Education.

    The Senate shall be composed of the following persons:
  • The Vice-chancellor of the UNIK, who shall be its Chairperson;
  • The Deputy Vice-Chancellors of the Institute,
  • TheVice-chancellor in charge of Academic Affairs shall serve as the Vice -Chairperson and the Rapporteur;
  • The Coordinators of Campuses,
  • The Deans of Faculties;
  • The Directors of specialized centres and services under the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs;
  • A full professor by faculty elected by his/her colleagues
  • The Heads of Departments;
  • An ordinary lecturer per faculty or per centre elected by his or her colleagues;
  • The Directors of the Library;
  • The student in charge of Academic Affairs in the Students’ Union of the UNIK;
  • A student per Faculty elected by his or her fellow students.

However, the Academic Senate may invite to its meetings any other person when necessary.