How to Apply?

If you meet the requirements to be admitted to UNIK, please submit the following documents in one file in the Academic Registrar’s office:

The following are the facts about UNIK:

  1. One true certified copy of secondary and/or higher education certificate, diploma or any other document deemed equivalent.
  2. School reports of the last three years of secondary education (A-level).
  3. One copy of medical certificate dating from less than 3 months. (It should be issued by a registered medical doctor).
  4. Identification certificate or copy of passport for non-Rwandans.
  5. Two passport size photographs.
  6. A slip of registration fee payment.

You will be notified if you are admitted after a strict examination of all your submitted documents.




UNIK Policies



University of KIBUNGO Republic of Rwanda,EASTERN Province, NGOMA District

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