UNIK is a Community University which was established in 2003 by local community representatives in the Eastern Province after realizing that there was there was shortage of skilled labor in the area of secondary school and agriculture.


UNIK counts more than 50 full time faculty members. These are committed men and women from across the county and all over the world who always strive to provide excellent education and carry out quality research. View an online directory of faculty and staff. Faculty members are available for student support outside the classroom even beyond office hours. The faculty also allows for connections with students in matters of experience sharing and attachment to the community.


  1. Ngoma Campus: more than 1200
  2. Rulindo: more than 900
  3. Total: More than 2100


More than 8000 alumni are found in the country, in the region and internationally.


Scientia et Sapientia (Latin for “Knowledge and Wisdom”)

Real Estate

34.46 acres


UNIK Library counts more than 19,000 books in various domains and around 5,000 unpublished student research reports. Beside the physical library, the University provides users with electronic resources including online full text, Journals and databases, digital repositories and a diversity of open access resources to support teaching, learning and research. The UNIK Library serves students, lecturers, and local community around.

Academic programs

UNIK is made up of 16 academic programs which award an academic award of “Bachelor’s with Honors” at exit.

Fee structure and financial aid

Students pay per credit. A credit cost is fixed by the University. Currently a credit cost is 3000 Frw. Students pay tuition through self-sponsorships or through scholarships from UNIK and other partners. Among partners are FARG ( Fond d’Assistance aux Rescapes du Genocide), UNHCR through Maison Shalom, Local Government through Disstricts, Rwanda Defense Force, and Partners in Health.

UNIK logo


The name "University of Kibungo" was chosen to preserve the History of the University, especially of its creation. Creators had given the name in Kinyarwanda "Kaminuza ya Kibungo" (University of Kibungo), which even today is marked at the entry point of the current UNIK. Moreover, the University being created within the framework of the community, this name marks recognition of the community in which the university is located-Kibungo.

Vision, Mission, and Objectives


UNIK vision is to be a world-class university that addresses ever-changing stakeholders, needs.


  1. To ensure tech-led, innovation-driven and learning-centered teaching towards competitiveness on labor market;
  2. To conduct innovative research conducive to solving community-based problems through offered programs;
  3. To involve stakeholders in building mutual capacity for sustainable development;
  4. To promote inclusive practices, solidarity, and knowledge sharing.


  1. To be a competitive leader in the delivery of academic excellence both on-campus and in the virtual classroom.
  2. To utilize the latest trends in technology in order to deliver an enhanced educational experience.
  3. To rebrand UNIK’s image amongst stakeholders and competitors.
  4. To attract the niche group of students by providing specialized courses and groom in-house talents to deliver those global specializations.
  5. To establish the Centre of Excellence for Innovative Learning and Teaching (CEILT) and set out for an IP sharing and build royalty based revenues for the university.
  6. To launch distance learning to benefit students to share expertise and digital prowess across the globe as a logical extension of CEILT.

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