The ICT Centre has been focusing on building institutional capacity in ICT for teaching & learning, research & community service, undertaking activities (consultancy services, training) that would cultivate the requisite environment for wider, sustainable collaboration and networking, beginning with the immediate and surrounding communities, and serving as a center for the visibility of ICT in the area through provision of Wireless connectivity and expertise. 

Currently, UNIK is provided with Internet connectivity by the New Artel and the Fiber Optic Cable by broad band system cooperation(BSC ). The network is available to Students, the staff and the surrounding population through both LAN and Wireless. In cooperation with partners such as Ngoma and Kayonza Districts, GTZ-Kigali, and JICA, the Centre has offered training in ICT so as to increase ICT literacy for development. 

According to the Director of ICT, the Center is planning to increase its Internet bandwidth so as to become a competitive Internet service provider to the community in general, and in the Eastern Province in particular. ICT Center will start soon trainings, which will lead to the award of certificates such as Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Certificate, Hardware maintenance Certificate, and Web design Certificate. Short courses will be offered to interested candidates at a very competitive cost
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The Center for Language Learning and Improvement (CAL) is one of the three Centers of the University ofKibungo (UNIK). The Center was set up in 2004 with the aims to build and develop language skills for INATEK faculty, staff and students as well as local communities. Moreover, the Center is committed to promoting, sustaining, and encouraging effective multilingualism through training sessions in English, French, Kinyarwanda and Kiswahili, with emphasis on English which is the official medium of instruction. The Center (CAL) is currently carrying out various training sessions in English to the benefit of UNIK students and staff as well as local public and private institutions. There are several courses depending on the purpose, either academic or professional. As regards credibility, the Center CAL was recognized by the Ministry of Education in 2003 at the same time as the Institute itself. Since its inception in 2003, the Center CAL has completed some substantial achievements, including the following:

    1. Designing and teaching the module for the course: basic communication skills in all departments;
    2. Taking part in internship and memoir supervision upon request of the Department of Arts and Humanities/English-French with Education division;
    3. Organizing and implementing the First Annual Symposium on English Language Teaching in Rwanda;
    4. Surveying on students’ needs with regard to the use of English as a medium of instruction;
    5. Organizing the Annual Language Day bringing together secondary schools of Ngoma District as well as HLIs located in the Eastern Province for literary competitions;
    6. Organizing English training sessions for the benefit of UNIK faculty and staff;
    7. Carrying out English training sessions to some informal groups from public and private Universities;
    8. Delivering language-related services such as translation, editing, and meeting reporting.

In order to better meet the beneficiaries’ expectations and needs, the Center considers revisiting its mission, policy, structure and activity organization. 

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In the major concern to increase quality services and to promote development, the UNIK favors research activities. However, the outcomes of this research works should not be kept within the institute’s shelves. On the contrary, they must contribute to the development of local population. Thus, the CERID was created to guide and monitor research activities aiming at developing the population. 

CERID has three departments and eight research programs: 

      1. Research and Publication section;
      2. Consultancy and service to the communities section; and
      3. Continuous Training section.


      1. Agricultural Development and Environment
      2. Education development and teaching
      3. Gender, Social Inequality and Social change
      4. Population and Economic Development
      5. Economics and development
      6. Human Resources Development
      7. Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
      8. Management and Entrepreneurship Development

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Director of Research 


Most of UNIK Students faced the challenges of increasingly complex from self –esteem issues to bullying, by visiting Career Advisory and Counseling Centre are effectively managed to get assistance and adjust to their environment. Some assistance that UNIK- Students benefiting from Career Advisory and Counseling Centre are as follows :

      1. Guidance and Counseling students in all levels.
      2. Analysingthe problems thatarise to UNIK Students likely to hinder success and the normal development in their studies.
      3. The service takes a time to listening , identifying problems and helping students to resolve those psychological problems.
      4. To reinforce the career guidance program where at the beginning of Academic Year Level One Assisted in making a good choice .
      5. The Service is assisted the Students in Career development and Entrepreneurship. The Service has organized different associations generating income accordingly to the Departments.
      6. The Centre is assisting the Students in registering in Rwanda Career Program System. By using this Website http://www.rcps.kuder.comour Students may discover their Interest Value and Work Value after finishing their studies or searching for paid internship.

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