Research center

In the major concern to increase quality services and to promote development, the UNIK favors research activities. However, the outcomes of this research works should not be kept within the institute’s shelves. On the contrary, they must contribute to the development of local population. Thus, the CERID was created to guide and monitor research activities aiming at developing the population.

CERID has three departments and eight research programs:

  1. Research and Publication section;
  2. Consultancy and service to the communities section; and
  3. Continuous Training section.

Research Programs:

  1. Agricultural Development and Environment
  2. Education development and teaching
  3. Gender, Social Inequality and Social change
  4. Population and Economic Development
  5. Economics and development
  6. Human Resources Development
  7. Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  8. Management and Entrepreneurship Development

For more information please contact:
Director of Research

How to Apply

If you meet the requirements to be admitted to UNIK, please submit the following documents in one file in the Academic Registrar’s office:

  1. One true certified copy of secondary and/or higher education certificate, diploma or any other document deemed equivalent.
  2. School reports of the last three years of secondary education (A-level).
  3. One copy of medical certificate dating from less than 3 months. (It should be issued by a registered medical doctor).
  4. Identification certificate or copy of passport for non-Rwandans.
  5. Two passport size photographs.
  6. A slip of registration fee payment.
  7. You will be notified if you are admitted after a strict examination of all your submitted documents.

    Registering online you can use the following link: