The ICT Centre has been focusing on building institutional capacity in ICT for teaching & learning, research & community service, undertaking activities (consultancy services, training) that would cultivate the requisite environment for wider, sustainable collaboration and networking, beginning with the immediate and surrounding communities, and serving as a center for the visibility of ICT in the area through provision of Wireless connectivity and expertise.

Currently, UNIK is provided with Internet connectivity by the New Artel and the Fiber Optic Cable by broad band system cooperation(BSC ). The network is available to Students, the staff and the surrounding population through both LAN and Wireless. In cooperation with partners such as Ngoma and Kayonza Districts, GTZ-Kigali, and JICA, the Centre has offered training in ICT so as to increase ICT literacy for development.

According to the Director of ICT, the Center is planning to increase its Internet bandwidth so as to become a competitive Internet service provider to the community in general, and in the Eastern Province in particular. ICT Center will start soon trainings, which will lead to the award of certificates such as Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Certificate, Hardware maintenance Certificate, and Web design Certificate. Short courses will be offered to interested candidates at a very competitive cost

Director of ICT
Email: tuyisenga@yahoo.fr
Tel: +250782100259