The University of Kibungo (UNIK) is a Private University that has been created in 2003. It is among more than 30 Universities operating in Rwanda. The University counts two campuses. The Main Campus is “Kibungo” which is the University Headquarters. This campus is located in the District of Ngoma, in the Eastern Province of Rwanda.

Currently, the UNIK main campus offers 14 academic programmes (Offering Bachelor’s Degrees) which are implemented in its three Faculties:

    1. Faculty of Education (which focus on Science and mathematics education, arts and humanities education, economics and management education, and psychology),
    2. Faculty of Agriculture and Rural Development (focusing on agribusiness and agricultural engineering and soon introducing irrigation and drainage, plant science, animal science, and food science and biotechnology), and
    3. Faculty of Economics and Business Studies (Home Banking, Development Economics, Accounting, and Microfinance).

UNIK is recognised as a valuable intellectual resource through engagement with various communities and carrying out value adding activities that address community needs and opportunities. This includes offering specific capacity development trainings to local communities, conducting surveys and action-oriented research to address specific community problems that need an informed decision, and doing joint research/ innovation/ technology adaptation activities with communities. UNIK is proud to have so far supplied the Rwandan labor market with skilled graduates to support the developing economy in the sector of education, business and agriculture.