The pre-conference took place on Thursday, June 14, 2018 at the University of Kibungo (UNIK), Rulindo Campus.


The pre-conference was intended first to gather the literature, philosophy, and education specialists in order to immortalize the Rwandan writer named Nayigiziki Saverio as his work conveys a very significant message to Rwandans whose concern is unity and reconciliation. Second, it aimed at teaching and letting the young generation know the personality, the status, and most importantly the qualities of the francophone literature writer of novels in Rwanda. Last, the pre-conference was a golden opportunity to prepare the international conference about Nayigiziki’s literary work and Ndi Umunyarwanda Programme scheduled for December 2018. It was jointly organized by the University of Kibungo through the Faculty of Education, Department of Arts and Humanities. The following people were part of the scientific committee:

  • Dr. Nsengiyumva Emmanuel (President of the organizing committee, lecturer and researcher, UNIK)
  • Dr. Ahimana Emmanuel (Lecturer and researcher, University of Rwanda, Rukara College)
  • Prof. Kayishema Jean Marie Vianney (Lecturer and researcher, University of Rwanda, Rukara College)
  • Prof. Ntakirutimana Evariste (Lecturer and researcher, University of Rwanda, Huye Campus)
  • Prof. Nkusi Laurent (Senator, Rwanda)
  • Prof. Semujanga Josias (Lecturer and researcher, Université de Montréal, Canada)
  • Prof. Twagilimana Aimable (Lecturer and researcher, Buffalo State University, USA)

The pre-conference activities were sponsored by Rwanda National Commission of UNESCO. Among presenters, we can mention Dr. Nsengiyumva Emmanuel who talked about Nayigiziki through the African francophone literature in 50s; Dr. Ahimana Emmanuel who talked about the apology for the cohesion of the African Great Lakes people through Mes trances à trente ans: didactic approach; Dr. Nzeyimana Isaie who presented Nayigiziki and Occidental Philosophy: Importance of the writing; and Madam Mukankunzi Pélagie whose article was about education values and Ndi Umunyarwanda Programme. Apart from the organizing committee and presenters, there were also the literature specialists like Prof. Nkejabahizi Jean Chrisostome. Witnesses and Nayigiziki’s former students who attended the pre-conference included Hon. Kalimba Evode and Hon. Ngarambe Laurent. The Rwanda National Police was represented by the District Community Liaison Officer, Chief Inspector Mbonimana Fidèle. Rulindo Catholic parish was represented by Father Damien Kimenyi; while Mr. Kajuga Jerome was present on behalf of the National Commission of UNESCO in Rwanda.
At the end of the pre-conference, the following recommendations were formulated:

  1. Nayigiziki’s work is very rich and contains Rwandan positive values. In order to spread widely these values to a big number of people, especially the Rwandan youth, it was recommended that the work be translated into Kinyarwanda and English;

  2. Also, Nayigiziki’s work embodies different fields of study and research: sociology, ethics, ethnology, history, philosophy, etc. and it is likely to serve as a teaching reference to secondary and university students in particular, and the world at large. This is the reason why a strong call was given to researchers (those who were in the conference room and others) to submit their abstracts for the very international conference in December 2018;

  3. The conference of this kind is rare in the country. It was recommended to organize such scientific days frequently and regularly. The pre-conference was officially opened and closed by the UNIK’s Deputy Vice-chancellor for Academic Affairs, Prof. Yves-Valentin Kaneza. He thanked organizers, presenters, and participants. He invited them to all attend the international conference in December 2018 to learn and share more about Nayigiziki and his work