Rulindo Campus

The University of Kibungo (UNIK)-Rulindo campus is located in Rulindo District, in the Northern Province. It was established in 2012 and has got the following programs:

1. Bachelor of Arts in French-English with Education

2. Bachelor of Arts in Geography-History with Education

3. Bachelor of Arts in Economics with Education

4. Bachelor of Arts in Management with Education

5. Bachelor of Education with Honors in Biology

6. Bachelor of Education with Honors in Chemistry

7. Bachelor of Education with Honors in Mathematics

8. Bachelor of Education with Honors in Physics

The campus has an array of special facilities that are available for students and teachers to use. Besides classrooms and halls, the Campus is equipped with ICT facilities that allow the use of Moodle system to manage registration, finances and other services as well as E-library. In addition, a teleconference room was set up to support teaching and learning processes. This teleconference facility helps both UNIK Campuses (Kibungo and Rulindo) to share the teaching staff and hence reduce the cost rate of Lecturers travelling from one campus to another.