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Welcome to the UNIK website,

A simple glance does not engage with nothing and we are very happy to let you explore the historical background, general organization, academic and administrative units, and objectives of our Institute. In this regard, we would like to wish you a good time, and we are quite sure that you will be well interested and fully attracted.

A collective initiative from local population created this community Institute in the eastern part of Rwanda; it was a real challenge to all administrative and religious authorities as well as the natives of the area anxious to answer the constraints of the population as regards education and development.

Today, student population of our Institute is beyond 4000 people coming from the four corners of the country. This significant increase in the number of students has really proved that UNIK has been a solution as regards higher education. With its 3 modes of learning learning/teaching (day, evening, and weekend), UNIK is committed to solve the problems inherent in the availability of its students. Indeed, it offers facilities, as for material time especially for various staff and professionals anxious to carry out their studies or to get engaged in new academic subjects.

Our major concern is always going forward, with the help of anybody to face new requirements and realities. Thus, other faculties will be gradually created hand in hand with providing new and adequate infrastructures.

Scientia et Sapientia, "Science and Wisdom", is our motto, our focus and our life. We want to get instructed, share experience and aim at perfection. Guided by the wisdom which helps us make good choices, we will be able to acquire the knowledge which is necessary to build our country together.

Prof. Silas Lwakabamba

The Vice Chancellor