On Thursday 27th April, 2017 at UNIK main hall; Dr. MUHAYIMANA Theophile delivered a public lecture on improving language teaching entitled “Fostering language learners’ engagement: Rocking the first day of class”. He shared with UNIK lecturers his own best practice on creating rapport with learners and knowledge as well as learners’ future career while introducing the language course. He emphasised that knowledge of language is not sufficient to teach language. Thus, it needs to be supplemented by the knowledge of language teaching methodology and awareness of learners’ need.

The second lecture was about an empirical analysis on determinants of saving in Rwanda from 1978 to 2012. Ms. IRAGENA Joyeuse explained that Rwanda saving improved from 1978 but the culture of saving stull need more focus as it affect sustainable economy of Rwanda. She claimed that investment without saving would not lead to sustainable development. Hence, she encouraged Rwandans to first save before investing to enjoy sustainable development.

After both lectures, Dr. MUHAYIMANA Theophile facilitated a debate on unity and reconciliation in Rwanda. UNIK lecturers and students were engaged in the open discussions. Dr. Theophile summarized the debate by pointing at Gacaca court and Ndi umunyarwanda as one of appreciated programs to sustain unity and reconciliation of Rwandans.