The Board of Directors is the highest decision-making organ of administration and management. It is composed of a Chairperson appointed by the General Assembly of UNIK; three persons appointed by UNIK; the Vice-Chancellor, who is the Secretary of the Board of Directors; the Deputy Vice-Chancellors; a representative of the Deans of Faculties elected by his or her colleagues

three experts in the fields of science and technology, nominated by the General Assembly of UNIK; a representative of UNIK personnel elected by his or her colleagues; two students of both sexes elected by their colleagues; and a representative of the private sector appointed by the Private Sector Federation, upon request by the Chairperson of UNIK.

The Board of Directors is responsible of:

· Giving advice during the elaboration of the Higher Education policy and to monitor its implementation in conformity with the duties of UNIK;

· Setting up the internal regulations of UNIK;

· Approving the budget proposal of UNIK;

· Approving the annual financial and administrative report, on the basis of the report of the Rector, the internal auditor or of any other competent organ;

· Adopting the short, medium and long-term action plans of the Institute;

· Adopting the annual activity plan and their corresponding budget;

· Adopting the decisions submitted by the Senate, including particularly the academic awards, recruitment, promotions, determination of salaries and allowances for lecturers and researchers of UNIK as well as penalties imposed on them when necessary;

· Adopting the decisions of the Executive Council related to the financial management, the assets and the personnel of UNIK;

· Determining the fees and other dues to be paid by students and the funds to be invested in general services of the UNIK;

· Determining the recipients who are to benefit from study scholarship and prizes managed and awarded by the Institute;

· Approving loans, donations, subventions and legacy of UNIK;

· Carrying out any other activities aimed at enabling the Institute to accomplish its mission; and

· Approving conventions that the university shall sign with other higher learning institutions, research centres and other organs in general.