The Executive Council is the top organ responsible for all administrative and financial matters within UNIK. The Executive Council is composed of:

· The Vice-Chancellor of UNIK;

· The Deputy Vice-Chancellors;

· The Deans of Faculties and Directors of Centres

· The Heads of departments

· The Director of Finance

· Director of Administration and Human Resources;

· The Director of the Library

· The Director Academic Quality

· The Dean of Students

· The Procurement Officer

· The Partnership and Public Relations Officer

· Director of Planning

· Internal Auditor

The Executive Council of UNIK is an advisory council that supports the Rector in the daily management of the Institute. ¶It It is responsible for the daily management of the Institute. ¶It plans and coordinates all the activities in connection with administration and finance of the Institute; more especially it deals with the general policy of staff management, material and estate of the UNIK.

The Executive Council has the following duties:

To prepare the project of the budget of the UNIK
To give opinions on the management of UNIK estate and to make the follow-up;

· To monitor UNIK policy of staff, material and finances management;

· To inflict lawful sanctions with regards to discipline of administrative and technical staff of UNIK;

· To work out directives on the implementation of resolutions of the Board of Directors in connection with management of finances of UNIK;

· To put pursuant to resolutions of the Board of Directors;

· To solve any problem related to administration, finances and estate at UNIK.