Faculties are responsible for running academic activities, ensuring discipline, promoting research and dealing with all administrative matters in accordance to their respective duties. The Faculty and centre councils are composed of:

· The Dean of Faculty or the Director of a Centre, who are the Chairpersons;

· The Deputy Dean of faculty or the Deputy Director of Centre are Deputy Chairpersons;

· Secretary for Academic Affairs

· Permanent professors, lecturers and researchers;

· A student per department or centre elected by his or her fellow students.

Faculty and Centre councils are responsible for:

· Preparing and submit to the senate the teaching or research programme of the faculty or centre and control its execution;

· Approving teaching or research quality within the faculty;

· Advising the senate about the rewards or punishments for teachers or students;

· Submitting faculty or centre budget proposal the to the Executive Council for approval;

· Submitting research proposals to the Research Committee for support;

· Elaborating the lecturers’ or researchers’ workloads and distribute them over the academic calendar;

· Respecting the academic calendar;

· Approving the report of the academic secretary about the academic calendar execution;

· Proposing changes in teaching or research programme ;

· Proposing changes in the general academic regulation when necessary;

· Solving all disputes which have negative impact on well functioning of the faculty or centre.