We have specialized degree programs in economics of development and money and banking. The development economics program offers a variety of economic theory blended with most recent practical tools in contemporary contexts. We equip our students with valuable skills of development analysis needed in contemporary dynamic economies.

With high caliber professors leading the region, we produce graduates who take up high level of leadership in monetary policies, capital markets, micro and macro-economic sectors.

If you have ever wished to embark on you career in these specialized fields with the intention to lead and always be among the best, you should not walk around; here is the stop. Definitely.

Give yourself a chance to be an excellent development policy designer and analyst, a brilliant development consultant, a first-rate project designer, an outstanding planner.

Use skills from here to be wanted of international NGOs, banks, and be a forerunner on the capital markets.

Academic secretary:
Mrs. Perpetue NIYONSABAA
Phone: (250) 788759764 Automatic word wrap
E-mail: niyonsabakabanoperpetue@yahoo.fr