UNIK Students Union is made of eleven clubs and associations working within itself. These associations and clubs are as follows:

AERG: Genocide Survivors Students Association

GBU: University Biblical Group

CEP: Pentecostal Students Community

SCUR: Students Club for Unity and Reconciliation

AJEUR: Anglican University Youth Association in Rwanda

VOXI POPULI: Club for fighting against AIDS


CEA: Adventist Students Community

CEMUK: UNIK Muslim Students Community

CLUB KARATE: Known as Black Dragon

The UNIK Students Union has carried out its activities within the institute since 2003, one year after its official opening. It has been more concerned with social-oriented activities and this in three major areas:

- Representing student members either inside or outside the institute,
- Providing students with favorable social assistance;
- Getting students in contact with UNIK administration