UNIK offers undergraduate programmes in education; Agriculture and Rural Development as well as Business and Economics studies. Our degrees are locally and internationally recognized by the Higher Education Council. Our programs are offered in academic and flexible environment following the three modes of learning: Day, Evening and weekend.
Students apply to the registration office which services are available 7/7 days. The registration office is responsible of registering, orienting, reintegrating students and issuing academic documents to UNIK students and graduates.
For more information please contact:
Academic Registrar
Mr. Theophile Karasira
Phone: (+250) 78 852 41 98
P.O. Box: 06 KIBUNGO (Rwanda)
E-mail: jeankaras66@yahoo.fr

In charge of Academic documents
Fidela Kabaganwa, Aademic Documents Officer
Phone: (+250) 78 127 27 58

In charge of Registration, Admission, Academic and Orientation Services at UNIK
Gatete Beatrice, Registration Officer
Phone: (+250) (0) 78 852 11 85
E-mail: gatete@yahoo.fr

Customer Care :
Rwubusisi Jean-Marie Vianney, Receptionist
Phone: (+250) (0) 78 389 81 92

Mugiraneza Darius, IT Assistant
Phone: (+250) (0) 78 403 19 45