Departement Council

The Department Council is composed of the head of department and chairperson, the secretary of the department and secretary, all permanent lecturers in the department, researchers whose duties (...)

Faculty Council

Faculties are responsible for running academic activities, ensuring discipline, promoting research and dealing with all administrative matters in accordance to their respective duties. The (...)

Executive Council

The Executive Council is the top organ responsible for all administrative and financial matters within UNIK. The Executive Council is composed of:
· The Vice-Chancellor of UNIK;
· (...)

The Academic Senate

The Academic Senate is the highest organ responsible for academic affairs, research, and education within the institute. Though it can invite any other person, the Academic Senate is composed of: (...)

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the highest decision-making organ of administration and management. It is composed of a Chairperson appointed by the General Assembly of UNIK; three persons appointed by (...)

UNIK Association

UNIK Association is the owner of the university, and it delegates its powers to the Board of Directors for everyday governance activities. It comprises of all the effective members of the (...)