Faculty management

Dr. Théophile MUHAYIMANA Dean of the Faculty of Education Phone: (250) 788622587 E-mail: gatoreyacu@yahoo.fr
Dr. Emmanuel NSENGIYUMVA Head of the Department of Arts and Humanities Phone: (250) (...)

Department of Psycopedagogy

The program offered in the Department of Psychopedagogy trains our future graduates to be experts in educational management.
Most of our graduates are head teachers or managers of educational (...)

Department of Economics and Management

The Department is divided into two options. After level 2 you can choose between Management(click here to see) and Economics(click here to see).
Our graduates are educators or managers. (...)

Department of Clinical Psychology

Apart from teaching our staff and students get involved in counseling and orientation activities. We also help a lot in overcoming mental and psychological societies in the country.
Our (...)