Teaching program structure

INATEK academic studies are organized into modules based on a declared number of credits. Ten-, fifteen- and twenty-credit modules are the norm for undergraduate modules, representing (...)

Suspension of studies

Students may make a written request to the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs to suspend their registration for the whole or the remaining time of an academic year, producing evidence of (...)

Registration period

The calendar of each academic year is proposed by the Academic Senate and approved by the Board of Directors. Registration commences two months prior to the beginning of the academic year, and (...)

Non-degree courses

INATEK may organize modules for which the student may register without necessarily being subject to relaxed examinations or awarded related certificates.
INATEK issues specialized diplomas in (...)


Students who have accumulated credits at one or more approved institutions within Rwanda or outside may apply to have the credits taken into account when joining a program at INATEK. The (...)

Categories of inatek students

INATEK is open to any person fulfilling the admission requirements[1]. We welcome full-time students, part-time students and auditors
Where programs are available in both full-time and part-time (...)

Admission and registration requirements

On the first registration, full-time or part time student shall provide the following documents to the Registration Office:
1) One true certified copy of secondary and/or higher education (...)