Welcome Message

I cordially welcome you to the University of Kibungo (UNIK). UNIK has two campuses. UNIK main campus is established in Ngoma District, Eastern Province. It is around 96.2 kilometers from the capital city Kigali and 60 kilometers from Rusumo border (Tanzania). UNIK has extended its activities to another campus. This campus is located in Rulindo District, in the Northern Province of Rwanda. 

We hope you will benefit opportunities to learn about our programs, campuses, experiential learning opportunities, and resources to support your academic success and life goals. 

The time you will spend with us will be a chance to make discoveries of your talents and to foster your personal growth. I encourage you to make use of these opportunities inside and outside the classroom. 

We at UNIK recognize that the quality of a countrys human capital is critical to its development, social cohesion and global competitiveness. We offer teaching programs and professional courses which are locally and internationally recognized. Therefore, UNIK presents an ideal environment for teaching and learning, research and community involvement in areas of education, business and agriculture. 

UNIK is proud to be part of the positive national development trend through having supplied the Rwandan labor market with skilled graduates to support the developing economy in the sector of education, business and agriculture. 

Moreover, UNIK learning and teaching programs are offered at a very low cost to the students. Our objective is to allow people with lowest financial means to access quality education. 

Also at UNIK you will gain support and guidance to help you developing your leadership skills, exploring your passion for the arts, conducting your own research, pursuing a career internship, participating in sports and cultural activities, volunteering in our community, or joining student organizations. All of these opportunities and many more are available to you at UNIK. 

UNIK is more than a university; it is a community university whose special mission is to provide quality education with focus on overcoming community challenges. UNIK will therefore help you realize both your aspirations and respond to needs of the community. We work with you from day one to be sure you are prepared for life after University. 

I encourage you to visit us, meet students and faculty, and experience the opportunities, activities, and facilities that UNIK offers. 

With best wishes, 

Vice Chancellor