Why Study at UNIK?

UNIK offers teaching programmes and professional courses which are locally and international recognised.

The following are the facts about UNIK:

  • We are a community institution and work for the community. You will also know that UNIK learning and teaching programs are offered at very low cost to the student. Our objective to allow even the people with lowest financial means to access quality education.
  • UNIK is the first university in Rwanda that innovated three modes of learning (Day,Evening and Weekend) and offers undergraduate and professional courses in flexible and standard mood.
  • UNIK learning and teaching philosophy is learner-centered. Students are the center of all our programs. A friendly and transparent environment in teaching and management is achieved through humility spirit which a core value that every employee must prove in daily activity. Those who have been at the institute can witness the humility culture displayed by all our staff.
  • 95% of our graduates occupy different positions in both public and private sectors. This is according to our recent survey. You will learn in this section that UNIK graduates are highly competitive on the labor market. According to the survey, most of our students will have also been promoted in their current workplaces. Definitely, you need to see why?
  • Your career starts growing as soon as you register with us. At UNIK , you can have an award at the end of each level. Each level you complete every semester or year, you are given a corresponding certificate or diploma. You do not need to complete the entire to have a paper piece justifying the knowledge you have gained. So, you can always make use of the new knowledge and skills you acquire at each level of your academic stay in your career.